How Many Days in Amsterdam Should You Spend for a Memorable Trip?

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Amsterdam is famous for its scenic beauty, lovely brick buildings and ancient history. From gorgeous museums to serene walks, enjoying this beautiful city is overwhelming. Like most tourists, if you are also thinking how many days in Amsterdam are sufficient, you are near to the answer.

How to Spend 3 Days in Amsterdam

Well, 3 days are sufficient to see most of the famous places along with exploring the city. There is a lot to see here, besides the fact that you are well aware of all the things to discover.

Day 1

1. Walk around the Canal Tour

Amsterdam grew around the enlightening of the river Amstel and the beautiful canals. You will miss something, if you do not see the city from a boat. Look for a private boat, they are pretty cheaper and explore the city. You can enjoy the tour for an hour.

2. Discover Van Gogh Museum

It may not be a place filled with the crowd but do not let this deter you. The museum has the finest work of Van Gogh’s – an exceptional painter. You can also see the work of famous artists Matisse, Manet and Monet. The best time to see the museum is in late afternoons.

Day 2

3. The Historic Anne Frank House

Look for how many days in Amsterdam are must
How many days in Amsterdam are suggested to stay

If you are Anne Frank fan, this place is worth the visit. However, to avoid the kicks from behind, book your tickets well in advance. If this has not been possible for you, the best option is to go early and grab your tickets.

Packed with the crowd and long queues to see this house with less effort, make sure you reach as early as possible.

4. The Lovely Tulip Museum

Located in a small room inside a tulip shop, the basement museum is truly lovely. It does a wonderful job of explaining the history of tulips and the not so famous tulip craze. The place has less rush so you can enjoy it peacefully. And it costs only 5 Euros!

If you still think how many days in Amsterdam are enough, the third-day tour will explain better.

Day 3

5. A Bike Tour

How many days in Amsterdam are worth living
How many days in Amsterdam are worth spending

Bikes are to Amsterdam as flowers are to a garden. You can see hundreds of bikes everywhere around the city and ironically, it has more bikes than people. Gazing the city on a bike is a fabulous thing to do. Rent a bike from a local company and exercise your legs while enjoying the view.

6. Explore Amsterdam History Museum

This museum is rich with Amsterdam’s history. It has a lot of paintings, relics, audiovisual display throughout. It will take at least 3-4 hours to explore the whole museum. Yes, it is a big place but trust me, it is worth the effort. You will find the finest history work here.

Along with the above mentioned things to do, make a point to cherish the delicious food from the local market. Try out some of the most famous dishes in the city with a local drink. Now, you are no not one of the tourists, who are not sure about how many days in Amsterdam are worthy. In fact, you even know which place to see first.

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