Which City is Better to Travel or Live in: Toronto or Vancouver?

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When people migrate from Toronto to Vancouver or vice-versa there is one question every migrant encounter, “Which one they find better, Toronto or Vancouver?” With this question on every other mind, it’s not easy to answer it because both are the Canadian cities. However, with their great attributes and multitude of things, one can distinguish between these cities like differentiating between classic apples and oranges.

Which one is better- Toronto or Vancouver?

As said earlier, these are the two different cities of Canada. With different location, climatic conditions, economic status, tourist attractions, and lifestyle, these cities hold their own importance, which is inevitable.

1. Location and Economic Status

Toronto: Termed as one of the largest city in Canada; this place is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, situated in the South of Ontario. Besides this, it is the financial centre and provincial capital of Ontario that accounts for the highest population rate in Toronto. Moreover, the city provides a platform for varied businesses like tourism, sports, finance, software, education, and medical research. With this, it also makes this city one of the expensive places to live in Canada.

Toronto at night!
Toronto at night!

Vancouver: Situated in mainland British Columbia, this is the third largest city in Canada. In fact, it is the highest populated metropolitan city in Western Canada. Besides this, the city also has the natural seaport for the trade purposes, which is defined as the largest port of Canada.

Located near the sea, this city also has the mountains near the coastal area, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. When it comes to the financial sector, most of the wealth is obtained in Vancouver from the forest industries.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

2. Climatic and Other Living Conditions

Regardless of the fact that both the cities are in Canada, there is great variation in their climatic conditions. So, Toronto or Vancouver, consider the guide below and decide it yourself.

Toronto: This city faces chilling winters every year whereas the summers are quite comfortable. Despite extreme climatic conditions, when it comes to act as a host, one cannot find any other city better than the Toronto offering the different places to wander and do biking. In order to explore its culture closely, one must visit Toronto’s islands and enjoy eating foods in outdoor restaurants.

For traveling or commuting, the city has a T-line subway and streetcar and bus network, which clearly depicts that it is easy to manage well in the city, even if one doesn’t have his/her own vehicle.

Toronto or Vancouver- Choose the right city
Select Toronto or Vancouver to travel

Vancouver: Also known as the San Francisco of Canada, this place stays wet during winters. The rainfall during this season beats the snowy and chilling breeze in the city. Shifting towards the living conditions, it is quite an expensive city and according to the local residents, the Vancouver sometimes creates a gap between the working class and the well-to-do families. Moreover, the employers in the city are not ready to pay the wages as per the inflation rate, that makes the survival more difficult for local people of Vancouver.

Apart from this, the transport facilities are excellent and, depending on one’s location, it’s easy to cover the distance by walking.

3. Entertainment Facilities

Toronto: Known for its vibrant nightlife, the city has many hotspot areas for tourist. Moreover, for entertainment, it is a place where one can enjoy live music and eat ethnic food of varied cultures. For instance, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Indian, and Ethiopian.

Toronto or Vancouver- Make a better choice
Which city is better to live in- Toronto or Vancouver

Vancouver: Nightlife, music, bars, and natural beauty are the favorite attractions for tourists.

All in all, be it Toronto or Vancouver, both the places have their own pros and cons. Therefore, it depends on an individual that in which city he wishes to live or travel around.

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